At present, we offer and send our products to customers around the world.

How to Buy in our Online Store

  1. To buy on our website you must follow the following procedures:
    In the upper red menu, enter the Products option.
  2. Choose the product you want to buy and click on the add to cart button, then to continue buying more products click on the “continue buying” button, when all products have been added to the cart, & nbsp; click on the button “ Confirm and Pay”.
  3. Considering that you are a new client you must enter the registration option for new clients, & nbsp; where you must enter the personal data for the shipment. Later in your future purchases you will only enter your email and your password & nbsp; (You can create multiple shipping addresses and select the desired one in the next step)
  4. Finally, select the payment method and confirm the order. These are the steps to follow to make a purchase in our virtual store; also know that immediately after the purchase; an automatic e-mail confirmation of purchase is sent to the email account with which you register.

Prices and Availability of Products

The prices and the availability of the products of our Store, & nbsp; & nbsp; are valid except for end of stock or typographical error. Orders will be handled in strict order of reception.

In case of ending the stocks of a requested product, the customer’s order will be canceled with prior notice -except in cases where it is impossible to contact him- and a product with similar characteristics will be proposed.


Taxes (I.G.V.) are NOT included in the prices of the product

Order shipment

The shipping days are Monday, Wednesday and & nbsp; Friday; once your order has been shipped, & nbsp; Global Agro Trading Export S.A.C, sends the customer the tracking code to & nbsp; your email.

Nota: The delivery terms described in economic and urgent mail will be effective in the event that the customer is located at the place of delivery during that period. For France, Germany and Italy the deadline could take an additional time due to customs matters beyond our control.


Cuando compra en la Tienda de Global Agro Trading Export S.A.C, & nbsp; can feel calm and safe because it is buying with the guarantee of our company with extensive experience in electronic commerce of natural products. We work to provide you with the best Andean-Amazonian products and we are always looking for new products and great qualities for our customers.
The products purchased at & nbsp; always have information in Spanish. If you would like more information, contact our Scientific Advisory or through the Contact Form.


Our staff is in charge of a fast and efficient management of your order for a delivery on time and according to the expectations of our customers (dispatch in maximum 48 hours). However, due to reasons beyond our control or due to an involuntary error, the case of having an incident with its delivery may occur; therefore & nbsp; we establish the following return policies:

  1. Damaged, incomplete or wrong order : if any of these cases occurs, we will proceed to change the product or products with no cost to you or the corresponding refund of your purchase, according to indicate
  2. Returned shipping : your order can arrive back to our facilities for the following reasons: incorrect or incomplete address, absence at the time of delivery, unclaimed shipment, rejected or other reason that causes us to receive your order again . In this case we will proceed to return it (after paying additional shipping costs); or partial reimbursement of your money (the cost of the products only); according to what you indicate.
  3. Retention in Customs: Customs are authorized to retain, destroy or return a package. Please check beforehand that the products you want to buy do not have problems entering your country. We will not make any refund in this case if we do not receive your package back. In case of having this problem we suggest you request the return of the package to us to reimburse you according to point 2 (return shipment).

  4. Loss of the package: In the circumstances where your postal company does not have shipping information, we will proceed according to these 2 circumstances:

    • We will send tracking information and proof of shipment: we will send proof of shipping and departure from our country of your order. In this case, the problem of loss is due to your national postal company. & Nbsp; Contact your postal company to try to locate the shipment. In this case we will advise you so that you can contact your postal company and file a claim, but no refund is required from us.
    • & nbsp; Total loss of tracking information: if you have no trace of your order from our postal company, it means that the loss has originated in our postal company so we will proceed to the total refund of the amount of your purchase, or a new shipment; according to what you indicate.

For any other case not mentioned contact us to try to give solution in the most convenient way for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – Shipping

How long does it take for an order to arrive ?:
For peninsular destinations, the shipment usually takes 10 to 15 days, however for island destinations the order is expected up to 20 days, due to the geographical conditions of the insularity.

Why my order does not arrive?
The delivery service usually has no problem as a general rule; but if it happens that after 20 days of dispatch the order does not reach its destination. This may be due to several reasons including:
That the postman or messenger has not left the claim sheet of the shipment. It has been the case that the order reaches its destination without finding the person to be delivered; so the courier must leave a sheet in his mailbox to pick up the order at the post office or the local courier. In some cases the messenger has not left that sheet and the customer believes that the order has not yet arrived. In that case, contact us via email: through our contact form formulario and we will solve the problem.

Also know that if you do not find anyone at the address, your order will remain at the post office or the local courier for a maximum period of 15 days.

What else do countries send?
We have already implemented the method of payment with credit card and calculator of shipping rates, so we are shipping to everyone

Is it safe to buy with you?
Effectively; We have been dispatching numerous clients every day without any complaint to this day. The payment by card is managed by our bank directly, so your card numbers are completely foreign to us.

I do not have an email account; how do I buy?

We can dispatch and receive purchase orders from customers who do not have an email account; In the registration field, enter your identity document instead of your email.

Envie sus preguntas a través de nuestro formulario de contacto.

Additional Shipping Conditions

  • We do not ship & nbsp; counter-delivery or counter-refund.
  • The package will be sent to the address that was entered into our system (at the time of registration), if the postal service does not find the consignee, leave a notice of arrival to pick up the package at the nearest post office, the package NO will be left to the janitor, janitor, watchman, guardian.
  • Global Agro Trading Export S.A.C,   NO communicates by telephone indicating that your package has been sent.
  • It must be taken into account that Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered as delivery service since they are counted as non-working days.
  • Orders placed on weekends will be processed on Monday.
  • Global Agro Trading Export S.A.C,  does everything possible to respect the aforementioned deadlines, however is not responsible for the consequences due to a delay of delivery or package losses by the postal service or Courier & nbsp; for reasons or unforeseeable or insurmountable causes of force majeure , in case of not delivering the package within the indicated period, an investigation will be carried out together with the carrier and the total refund will be made if the case merits.
  • When a package is not delivered, it is returned to our office, during that period, no forwarding or refund can be made.
  • The client declares to know that the purchase and internment of the products (Mate de Coca and derivatives, Stevia, etc.) to the country of his residence is legal and does not violate any provision of internal order. Therefore, Global Agro Trading Export S.A.C, is & nbsp; disclaims any type of responsibility for the sale and shipment of the products to the client, since its marketing and handling in Peru is legal.