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Gate Export ais a small Peruvian company that was born to make Peru’s natural benefits known as export. We have been working hand in hand with different entrepreneurs at the national and international levels for more than 5 years, building long-term relationships where each person who does business with us becomes our strategically and not our client.

Our main motivation is our peasant communities in Peru, mainly in the North of our country, it is for this reason that we promote mining, agriculture and the planting of new forests, all in the most ecological way possible to take advantage with humility of the resources that offers us our beautiful land.

At Gate Export, beyond believing in small and medium entrepreneurs, we also believe that we must build sources of sustainable development. Since by working with natural products we are committed to giving our land double what it provides for us.



Within our product catalog, you can find from Palo santo in all its presentations (incenses, essential oils, cones, among others) to the famous healing crystals such as Peruvian pyrite, chrysocolla and different types of quartz.

We are constantly expanding, seeking to publicize all the benefits that the Peruvian lands offer, that is why every day we look for allies who have a vision for the future.

Gate Export works with 3 fundamental pillars: Our mother earth, the peasants that structure it and the commercial allies that exalt the natural benefits of this Andean territory.

Gate Export: acting in a sustainably way

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